I studied Arabic languages and cultures. Subsequently I developed my skills in leadership, politics, management, supervision and governance through various positions in the public and private sector. The dream that keeps me going every day is inclusive leadership, and working on unity, especially among diversity.


In our complicated society full of 'purple crocodiles' and incomprehensible laws and rules we need to be there for those people who cannot (fully) understand all of this. Humane reception of asylum seekers, safe and clean housing, the right guidance for vulnerable people, accurate information for everyone who asks a question, or proactively providing it to those who do not ask, those are my specialties.  


Respect, honesty, transparency, and generosity are core values that I hold dear. 


In December 2012 I was awarded the Female Inspiration Award by the National Federation of Business Women in The Netherlands.

At the same time I like to be inspired by the many people I meet every day, and those who I have the pleasure to work with.


Positions I have held: international aid worker, manager (department-, location-, process- and project manager), director, Member of Parliament, Alderwoman, and senior public affairs advisor.