Unique approach to connection

Excellent choice and welcome to L'Uniko!


L’Uniko stands for unique and you are looking for that one unique person who will get your department or location in order, finds the building blocks to lay a foundation, makes a project succeed or unravels processes, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together.


I operate on the cutting edge of the intersection of public and private. Because of my experience in politics, civil service, the private sector, extensive knowledge of legislation and regulations, and my passion for people and society, I manage to create multiple win-win-win situations.


Complicated issues and difficult lobying processes are my passion. Thanks to the extensive, carefully selected network I have created over time, and my warm relationship management style, investments pay for themselves over and over.


I never accept no for an answer nor do I accept fallacies, but I do however keep investigating until I can achieve a yes. I am extremely cost- conscious, and have an eye for unjust budget costs.


Analytical, pragmatic, communicative, and quick to adjust, yet I always operate with a vision to strategically achieve your desired goals.


Myra Koomen

My motto: by striving for "profit optimization" you create room to realize "meaningful maximization"!!